4 Keys to Greater Productivity

4 Keys to Greater Productivity

I’m going to share with you four keys to greater productivity:

  1. Develop a business and marketing plan for your book or for your business. It’s something you take seriously or else you wouldn’t have bothered to take this class.  A business and marketing plan will provide a roadmap to help you move your plans forward.  And, don’t get concerned that you won’t live up to the plan.  Use your plan as a guideline but remember you can change it as your situation changes.  But like they say, if you don’t make a plan you plan to go nowhere.

  2. Make lists of daily, weekly and monthly tasks and goals. By making lists and categorizing your tasks and goals as short term, mid-term and long-term you’ll find them easier to manage and easier to complete.  Sometimes having a long list of things to do is overwhelming and makes us shy away from completing any other the tasks.  By creating shorter, categorized lists the tasks and goals seem more manageable and easier to attain.

  3. Reviewing the lists daily and making adjustments is a practical way to deal with changing circumstances. Lists and plans are not carved in stone. What they allow us to do is to maintain a sense of control and organization even as situations change.  So don’t feel like you can’t adjust the list as needed.  Reprioritize and change the tasks as you move through the day, week, and month to help you navigate change effectively while maintaining higher levels of productivity.

  4. Taking time for yourself and your family allows your mind, body and spirit time to be rejuvenated.  Relaxation helps us to feel fresh and ready to handle our day-to-day tasks and to tackle the issues that come each day.  If you think about it, you might find that some of your best ideas come when you least expect them and when you’re relaxed.

That wraps up our Time Management sessions. If you’re interested in the Write Your Magic Program, which goes deeper into tools and strategies to accomplish your goals, be sure to check out our free webinar





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