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Britons Turn To Poetry To Express Their Feelings On Brexit Category: ${categoryName} Sunday, June 26, 2016 4:31:03 AM

To be in the European Union, or not to be? That was the question.

After the United Kingdom voted on Thursday to leave the EU, many of its citizens are now turning to poetry to deal with the uncertain aftermath.

As a petition calling for a second referendum gained momentum and #regrexit officially became a thing, the #WriteAPoemAboutBrexit hashtag also started to trend on Twitter.

Hundreds of people have now penned rhymes to express their feelings on the Brexit, with the majority (but not all) lamenting the vote to leave. Here are some of the best:

Brainwashed by the far right, a victim to your fears How did you mark your ballot with your fingers in your ears? #WriteAPoemAboutBrexit — Paul O'Hagan (@pmohagan) June 25, 2016

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