An Editing Checklist for Self-Publishers

An Editing Checklist for Self-Publishers

Review #1 – Check for spelling errors

  •        Are all formal names correct and typed correctly?

  •        Have you checked for misused words (e.g. there, their, and they’re)?

  •        Have you read every word to make sure the spell checker did not miss a correctly spelled word that is not correct for the context (e.g. "ask" with the “k” left off is "as")?

Review #2 – Check for grammar errors

  •        Have you checked for misused commas?

  •        Have you checked semicolon and colon usage?

  •        Is your punctuation inside the quotation marks?

  •        Are single and double quotation marks being used correctly?

Review #3 – Check for consistency

  •        Is your timeline accurate and consistent?

  •        Have you used the same name and character details for each of your characters throughout the story?

  •        Are character details consistent within each scene (e.g. hazel eyes didn’t change to brown, black hair didn’t change to blonde)?

Review #4 – Check for clarity

  •        Is there any part of the story your readers might find confusing?

  •        Are there holes in the plot?

  •        Are there pronouns that need to be replaced with formal names?

Review #5 – Check for overall readability

  •        How easy is the story to read and understand?

  •        Is the writing geared to the reading level of your audience?


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