Forbidden Words: 10 Gorgeous Quotes From Banned Books

Remember the scene in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade when Indy was face-to-face with Hitler during the book burning scene? Yeah, the movie was pretty bad, but I waited with baited breath to see what Hitler would do. If you love writing and you love books, the visceral reaction to the book burning scene is intense. There's nothing quite as compelling as a forbidden book, right?

Even today in the U.S., some books have been banned, mainly at the local level, but banned nonetheless. Here is a list of fabulous quotes from banned books published by Carina Kolodny on Huffington Post late last year. Enjoy!

When banned books come to mind, it's easy to imagine bonfires full of burning pages. Banned books would seem to be the stuff of darker days and drearier times -- but banned books are not a thing of the past.

In schools and counties around the United States, some of our most beloved books continue to be pulled from the shelves. This week the American Library Association draws attention to the threatened and endangered with their annual Banned Books Week.

Source: 10 Gorgeous Quotes From Banned Books (IMAGES)



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