Want to Learn to Write Well? This Unlikely Source Can Help

If you've been struggling with your writing or know someone who has been, there's a new source of help to learn to write well.   Stephen Wilbers shares the latest in the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Some insightful writing guidance from an unlikely source - Minneapolis Star Tribune Sun, 26 Jun 2016 19:01:17 GMT

Minneapolis Star TribuneSome insightful writing guidance from an unlikely sourceMinneapolis Star TribuneThe video, titled “Plain Language: Say it Simply,” also breaks writing into five steps — plan, organize, write, edit and review...

Hey, do you have 4 minutes and 24 seconds to watch a great video? Maybe not. What if I told you that watching it would not only help you write better, but also make you laugh?

Now what do you say?

I ask you, what could be funnier than watching two baseball buddies talking about a Twins game? One is named Peter Plainspoken and the other Gloria Gobbeltygook (so spelled even though the narrator pronounces her last name “gobbledygook”).

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