Replay: Somewhere in the Middle hosted by Michele Barard with Beverly Holloway, Spiritual Transition Coach

Beverly Holloway is a Healing Arts Practitioner and Spiritual Transition Coach on a mission to inspire as many people as she possibly can towards discovering their divine purpose. As a Healing Arts Practitioner her desire is to assist clients who are open to non-traditional methods and practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change through the use of mind-body therapies such as guided imagery, prayer, meditation, and spirituality. Her laughter, humor and down to earth nature comes through in her interactions and also promotes healing in the lives of those she comes in contact with.

As a Spiritual Transition Coach, her mission is similar that of Harriet Tubman who led the slaves out of physical captivity through the underground railroad. Her assignment is on a spiritual level and her divine purpose is to lead those who are willing to follow out of religious bondage and captivity.

Her passion is to help people connect with their divine source on a deeper level and empower them to manifest the Glory of God and demonstrate his power within them while here in the earth. She is an anointed teacher and motivational speaker with a divine ability to capture audiences and bring them into the presence of the divine. 

She is also the CEO of Inspirational LIFE & Wellness, LLC, and the Sacred Sister's Inspirational Life Network.


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