Sticky Content: 3 Ways to Make Your Messages Memorable

Every day we are bombarded with messages. It’s no longer just billboards along the highway and commercials on television and radio that are competing for attention. E-mail, social media, blogs, text messages, web sites and digital signage are all competing for your audience’s eyes and ears. How can you get people to pay attention to your messages in the sea of information that’s out there?

1) KISS and Repeat – Keep your message super simple and repeat it often. Clear, concise messages that are repeated are more likely to stay with people and to get them to take the action you desire.

2) Connect with People – Messages that connect with your audience will have the most impact and get them to respond. Messages that connect generally elicit an emotional response. Does your message make people feel nostalgic, happy, frustrated, or excited? Make your message memorable by drawing on emotions and giving your audience a positive way to act on those feelings.

3) Spread the Bug – Make your message infectious so that your audience spreads the message to others. If the message is strong enough, you can get others to help spread the message for you which can give you an exponential boost in response. Simple messages with strong emotional context that are repeated often enough can even become a cultural phenomenon.

Use these simple tips to make your messages memorable for your target audience.


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