Tech Tuesday: Social Media Made Easy with Canva

I don’t know about for you, but for me writing seems to come pretty easily. I may have challenging projects, but once I work through the how of the project, actually putting content onto paper is not such a chore. What is a challenge for me is social media. It’s not that social media is hard. It’s just hard to be everywhere all at once with a consistent message that looks pretty cool. Luckily, there’s an app that can make the cool-looking message part easier.

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If you haven’t heard about Canva already, you’ll definitely thank me. You can create a free Canva account easily using Facebook, Google+, or your e-mail address. Once inside the app you can select a template based on commonly used formats such as Social Media, Presentation, or Facebook Cover. Then, you select and switch elements using backgrounds and layouts already provided or creating from scratch. Canva does have some costs associated with it if you use premium images, for example. And, there is a paid account option, but you’ll be pleased with what you can do with a free account.

Canva not only gives you great jumping off points for your social media message designs. It also has lessons on design concepts to help make you a better designer. Writers generally defer the design part of their projects to graphic artists, which makes sense. Let the professionals do what they’re best at, right? But for small projects Canva opens a whole new world of design options to non-designers. So get started creating great-looking social media posts and other image-based projects using Canva. Creating social media messages has never been so easy.

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