Tell Your Story Because Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters

For quite a while I have been thinking about how we can get more people to share their stories. I am of the belief that so many of the world’s issues are the result of lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, and lack of trust. If you don’t know someone you can’t understand him. If you don’t understand someone, you can’t trust him. Without trust everything goes to hell in the proverbial hand basket.

I believe we can build trust through knowledge and understanding. That knowledge and understanding can grow through storytelling. Telling our unique stories will help us to learn about one another and, over time, to understand and trust one another, to the good of all of us.

I’ve developed a writing program to bring people together to share stories. Learn more about the Write Your Success Program and how you can share your story.

Your story matters … so tell it.


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