Examples of Work

Fiction / Books I've Edited
Fame Whore

Paperback  – April 21, 2015

by Lacy B


Books I've Edited / Autobiography
A Look Back In Time (Volume I)

Paperback – December 20, 2014

by Mr Bernard N Lee Jr (Author), Ms Michele Barard (Editor), Mr Dwayne Johnson (Cover Design)


Autobiography / Books I've Edited
A Look Back in Time (Volume II)

A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid in the Fifties Vol. 2 (Volume 2) 

by Mr Bernard N Lee Jr et al. 

Link: http://a.co/5FaNHFZ

Autobiography / Books I've Edited
Taming Lil' Mo

Taming Lil' Mo (Next Level Publishing Presents) [Kindle Edition]

Cynthia Loving


Self-Help / Books I've Edited
7 Principles for Raising Black Sons

7 Principles for Raising Black Sons: A Practical Guides for Single Black Mothers

Paperback– December 16, 2013

by K. Estelle


Fiction / Books I've Edited / Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Sacrifices (A To Wrestle With Darkness Book - Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

Alan Jones (Author)


Writing / Reference
Editing Your Book for Self-Publishing

Editing Your Book for Self-Publishing: A Practical Guide for Authors (The Savvy Writer Series 1) [Kindle Edition]

Michele Barard (Author), Tomislav Pinter (Photographer)


Collections / Books I've Contributed To
20 Beautiful Women, Volume 3

20 Beautiful Women, Volume 3: 20 More Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion, And Inspire Your Divine Purpose [Kindle Edition]

Michele Barard (Author)


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