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Develop a strategy to grow your side hustle
into a source of real income.

Let's work together to

Identify your superpower

The saying goes do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. But, what if what you love isn't your gift? You could spend years swimming upstream trying to create a business. We'll identify that one thing you're great at so you can grow your income quickly and free yourself up to do more of what you love.

Define your

The fastest way to lose money is to not have goals in place, but developing goals is challenging when you aren't clear about the path you're taking. After we identify your superpower, we'll develop a plan to use it to grow your side-hustle into a viable business establishing short-term and long-term goals to help keep you on track and moving toward your future.

Set-up systems
that work

Whether you want to grow your business only through face-to-face networking, social media, or email marketing you'll need to think through how you'll connect with people and move them from mild interest to prospect to client to champion. That's where your systems come into play. We'll work together to identify, develop, and set up the systems you need to grow your audience.

Work on your schedule from wherever you want to be

In the United States? Awesome. In Dubai? No problem.

Theodore Helvi’virr


"The entire process was a pleasure from start to finish. I learned so much from Michele. Our phone calls were always very informative and her editing style challenged both me and my book to be better. She was very understanding of my constant questions and I am endlessly thankful to have worked with her...."

Ellyce Kelly


"Michele’s writing skills place her in an elite group of the most experienced writers I have ever known. She has the ability to convey the simplest concept, and somehow make it interesting. She explains highly technical information in the simplest of terms. Her greatest skill, in my opinion, is the fact she can make any subject intriguing. Michele is an excellent storyteller. She makes any subject relatable to her audience."

Set yourself up for success starting from day one!

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